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Deep Forest

Today I released my Deep Forest AOP at the DAP café. It was named so because it seemed only capable of doing a decent job with forest images. But after some testing I saw it could make some interesting portraits too. It was meant to paint with rough, broad, expressionistic(?) strokes but right before releasing it I also put in some palettes with thinner strokes to make it more versatile. An example of what it does:


Pixarra TwistedBrush Pro Studio

My extended trial version of Pixarra’s interesting piece of software named TwistedBrush Pro Studio has just expired so now I have bought it. It has more than 5000 different brushes available, which should be enough for most of us. So far I have used it (the trial version) to make the brush strokes for one of my latest AOPs, Pino.


I have just released another AOP at the DAP café. I named it Classics because it tries to copy a little handfull of older styles, like fresco and expressionism. In fact this AOP was made of unused palettes and brush strokes from my earlier AOPs. I am most happy with the fresco palette which makes some nice portraits.