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PostworkShop Pro

Today I purchased PostworkShop Pro after having read about it in the Mediachance forum. It claims to have more than 400 «natural media looking styles under the categories of drawing, graphic arts, oil painting, watercolor, pencil sketch, acrylic painting and photo effects». Testing it should keep me busy for a while!

Time for mourning

This has been a very sad week-end. On Friday 22nd a right-wing madman first detonated a 950 kilo bomb outside the Government buildings in Oslo and then went to a nearby youth summer camp and started a massacre, killing 69 in all (the first figures of more than 80 deaths were fortunately wrong). The entire world seems shocked by what has taken place in peaceful Norway.

Quick colour changes with Tintii

By sheer luck I came across an interesting piece of software today called Tintii. It can be used to quickly make dramatic changes in colour photos.  It separates all the major colours in a photo and lets you change them separately. More info here:


Today I learned that Gun Legler, a talented Swedish digital artist who is active in the DAP forum under the nick InvisionArt, regards my old Facelook AOP perfect for painting pets. I have never tested it on anything but people myself.


Because it seemed a bit of a challenge I made this AOP that is inspired by the art of the late Pino Daeni. Pino AOP can’t make a Daeni-like painting out of anything. You need a photo that reminds of Daeni’s work, with strong colours and beautiful people. Below I have used my Pino AOP on a Pino Daeni painting to see how well it can copy the original.

The original Pino Daeni painting to the left. The DAP version has a bit higher contrasts.

Back from Vienna

I have been almost two weeks in Vienna and have seen both lots of paintings by the old masters and modern buildings designed by Hundertwasser.

While away I got a message from the owner of the furniture shop that sells my paintings that TV3, a Norwegian TV company, has borrowed three of my electronics paintings for use in a series of programmes about redecoration of old flats which will be aired during this autumn or winter.