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I have now released my new AOP named Landscape at the DAP café. I started with trying to imitate John Constable’s paintings but was never quite satisfied with the foliage on the trees so I just made a generic landscape AOP instead. I have put a distinct brush stroke texture in the colour palette in an attempt to make the paintings look as painted as possible. The AOP has two palettes – one based on my previous Rainbow palette that supports most colours and another with colours from Constable paintings.

Exhibition is over

Of the 15 paintings on display at Smia in June six were sold and I am very pleased with that. Now the rest of them will go to a small furniture shop and hopefully will be sold there. Below: Some of the visitors at the vernissage and four of my paintings on the wall to the right. The restaurant once was a smithy («Smia» is the Norwegian word for smithy) but is now a very popular restaurant in Oslo with a new art exhibition every month.

UPDATE: Two months later four of the remaining nine paintings have been sold at the furniture shop.

Mediachance forums still down

The Mediachance forums have been down for a while and I suppose I am not the only one who wonders when it will be back. I miss the daily contact with my fellow dappers and their works of art. I think Oscar should have used DAP café to inform us about the situation.