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I have now released my two versions of Poster AOP on DAP café. They have been available in the forum for months and have been downloaded  a few hundred times already but I think it is a good idea to gather all AOPs at the same place instead of having to look through hundreds of forum posts to find them. I made this AOP in the first place because I needed illustrations for posters at work and did not want to use ordinary, dull photographs.


Edward was my first AOP template and is probably rather crude by today’s standards. Nevertherless it is still popular because of its almost vectorized, rotoscopic look. So now I have made it available at the DAP café too.

Edward Hopper has been one of my favourite painters for many years. I went to London a few years ago to see a Hopper exhibition at Tate Modern and about ten years ago I made a virtual art gallery in my own virtual world with only Hopper paintings on display.

This AOP’s palette colours are extracted from some of Edward Hopper’s most famous paintings. Despite this the resulting DAP paintings are obviously not quite like real Hopper paintings and therefore I named the template Edward instead of Hopper.

To make your paintings as Hopper-like as possible you should use photographs of lonely people in sterile, unfriendly environments, for example hotel lobbies, gas stations etc.