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Time for mourning

This has been a very sad week-end. On Friday 22nd a right-wing madman first detonated a 950 kilo bomb outside the Government buildings in Oslo and then went to a nearby youth summer camp and started a massacre, killing 69 in all (the first figures of more than 80 deaths were fortunately wrong). The entire world seems shocked by what has taken place in peaceful Norway.

Back from Vienna

I have been almost two weeks in Vienna and have seen both lots of paintings by the old masters and modern buildings designed by Hundertwasser.

While away I got a message from the owner of the furniture shop that sells my paintings that TV3, a Norwegian TV company, has borrowed three of my electronics paintings for use in a series of programmes about redecoration of old flats which will be aired during this autumn or winter. 


The forum is back!

At last all dappers’ favourite forum is back online. But regrettably we all have to register once more and all our old posts are gone with the wind. Hopefully most of the old users will return after all these months!

Exhibition is over

Of the 15 paintings on display at Smia in June six were sold and I am very pleased with that. Now the rest of them will go to a small furniture shop and hopefully will be sold there. Below: Some of the visitors at the vernissage and four of my paintings on the wall to the right. The restaurant once was a smithy («Smia» is the Norwegian word for smithy) but is now a very popular restaurant in Oslo with a new art exhibition every month.

UPDATE: Two months later four of the remaining nine paintings have been sold at the furniture shop.

Mediachance forums still down

The Mediachance forums have been down for a while and I suppose I am not the only one who wonders when it will be back. I miss the daily contact with my fellow dappers and their works of art. I think Oscar should have used DAP café to inform us about the situation.

Exhibition time

Today I hang up 15 paintings in Smia, a combined gallery and restaurant in the old part of Oslo. All paintings are made with DAP and printed on 40 x 60 cm canvas. They will be here for five weeks and hopefully some of them will be sold. The motives are all from the restaurant’s neighbourhood so I hope local visitors will be interested in buying. Here is one of them:

Back from Italy

I and my family have just returned from Italy where we stayed six days in Milan and took trips by train to Turin and Padua. Our primary goal was to see the famous Shroud of Turin which was on display. It is concidered so holy that it is only on display about four times in a century. In Padua we saw the famous frescoes by Giotto which were made in 1305 in the Scrovegni chapel. We had also hoped to see Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper in Milan but there were no tickets available. We had planned to go to Italy about a month earlier (when we also had tickets for the Last Supper)  but then all flights were cancelled for weeks because of the vulcanic ashes from Iceland.

DAP café

Oscar has now started a new site where we can put our AOPs. I have put a link to it in my site’s link section and will soon upload my own creations.

Summer update

I have been two weeks in China with my family, in Beijing, Xi’an, Guilin, Hangzhou and Shanghai, and have seen all the most famous places, like the Wall, the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace, the terracotta warriors, the Li River and lots of others – plus this century’s longest total solar eclipse on July 22nd high up in the mountains outside Hangzhou. We took more than 3,500 photos during the trip.

Earlier this summer I learnt to make AOPs thanks to Mary Warner’s useful information in the DAP forum  and released the ones I have made so far (Edward, Poster) in the forum where they were well received. Below a Poster 2 painting of Li River outside Guilin in Southern China.